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Book Announcement Ads For Dinamalar Online at Lowest Cost
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Dinamalar Announcement


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Dinamalar Announcement All Days 1 day(s) Prior
Category : Cancellations and Postponment, Change Of Name, Church Notices, Lost And Found, Missing, Prayer Meetings, Protest/rally,

Why place Announcement Ad in Dinamalar Newspaper ?

WHY PLACE Announcement AD IN Dinamalar NEWSPAPER ?

There are several advantages of booking your announcement ads on Dinamalar via releaseMyAd’s online ad booking portal. Some of these advantages are:

  1. You can book your ads online in a simple 3 step process that takes up no more than 10 minutes of your time.
  2. You can get the best deals and rates by booking your ads via releaseMyAd without having to pay any extra fees for using our online ad booking facility.
  3. You can check the progress of your ad until it becomes ready for processing.
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Announcements made on newspapers are usually targeted toward a specific community or a niche group, and may not hold relevance to all readers. Such announcements may be a legal obligation, but that isn’t the case always.

Sample Dinamalar Announcement Ads:

•      I, Suraiyya Anandam D/O Rajan Baddan born on 01-01-1987, residing at 1441, 90 D Cross, 89 Main, 7 Sector, ABC Layout, Bangalore – 123456, shall henceforth be known as Revathy Anandhan (all names listed are in Given Name then Surname order). Affidavit Number 12345 / 123456, dated 22/10/2010.

• It is notified that my original certificate of 10th Class exam.Year 2009,Roll No 2110827 pass out from CBSE,has been lost, if found pls ctc Aakarshan Dhir. Mobile no (044) 3992 2660.

Dinamalar is circulated around the following locations :

Location Circulation Cost View Details
Edition: Madurai Ciculation: 220,481 copies Price: Rs.510 /4 Lines
Edition: Coimbatore Ciculation: 174,215 copies Price: Rs.660 /4 Lines
Edition: Chennai Ciculation: 108,340 copies Price: Rs.525 /4 Lines
Edition: Pondicherry Ciculation: 70,798 copies Price: Rs.500 /4 Lines

How To Compose Your Announcement Ad In Dinamalar To Get Maximum Response ?

HOW TO BOOK Announcement AD IN Dinamalar NEWSPAPER ?

To book your ads online in Dinamalar’s Announcements page, take the following steps:

  1. Choose Ad Type & Ad location from the top half of this page
  2. Compose your ad, with the help of sample ads 
  3.  Select dates and clear payment via a host of online & offline means

You can book your ads from the panel above, or alternatively get to know more about ads by clicking on the tabs above.

Check rates and book your announcement ads on Dinamalar over the internet!

Sample Ads For Dinamalar Announcement :

Lost identity proof - LOST my (Lost Item/ Person) around (Location) on (Date/Time). If (Found/Seen) Please contact: 0000000000.
Sample 1: Name Change - I (Old Name) S/O (Father's Name) born on (Date of Birth) residing at (Full Address), have changed my name to (New Name) vide affidavit dated (Affidavit date) at (Place).
Sample 2: Name Change - I (your old name) S/O or D/O or W/O (fathers name or husbands name) R/O of (your home address) shall henceforth be known as (your new name) affidavit no (XXXXXX) sworn before notary (notary name) dated (date).
Land Deed Missing - This is to bring to your kind notice that, (Name), s/o (Name) Address: (Address), our Land Deed is Missing (from/since) (Date). If found kindly return to the above address.
Lost Certificate - I (Name) have lost my Original Pass Certificate of HS year (Year) Roll no. ABC/12345 Matric Board. If Found Please Contact: 0000000000.
Sample 3: Name Change - I, (Old Name) S/O (Father's Name) born on (Date of Birth) residing at (Full Address), have changed my name to (New Name) vide affidavit dated (Affidavit date) at (Place).
Passport Lost (Tamil) - எனது பாஸ்‌போர்ட் J9000000X பெருங்குடி அருகே காணாமல் போய்விட்டது. Ph: 0000000000 தொலைபேசிக்கு தகவல் தெரிவிக்கவும். நன்றி
Change of Name (Tamil) - (பழைய பெயர்) த/பெ. தேவதாஸ் பத்மம் வயது:44. #46-A, டைப்-I, குவட்ரஸ், பிளாக்-5, நெய்வேலி –யில் வசிக்கும் நான் எனது பெயரை (புதிய பெயர்) என்று மாற்றிவிட்டேன். AFFIDAVIT DT: 29-04-2018 AT NEYVELI.
Document Lost - திருச்சி மாவட்டம் ,K.K. நகர் அஞ்சல் ,குறிஞ்சி நகர் 95/100 முதல் குறுக்குத் தெருவில் வசிக்கும் V.R. பாலவினாயகம் ஆகிய நான் என்னுடைய அசையா சொத்தின் அசல் ஆவண எண் 583/19918 புத்தகம் 4 ஐ திருச்சி-தஞ்சை தேசிய நெடுஞ்சாலையில் உள்ள குமரன் நகரில் தவற விட்டு விட்டேன்.கண்டுபிடிப்பவர்கள் என் தொலைபேசி எண்ணிற்கு ph: 000000000000 தொடர்பு கொள்ளவும்

Ad Composing Tips :

  • If it is an announcement for lost items Mention the item and details related to which is lost you can also add location where you have lost your item.
  • If it is an announcement for change in your name then clearly mention old name and a new name in the ad matter.
  • If it is an announcement related to change in your address or DOB please mention the corrections done clearly.
  • For any declaration related ad you can also mention the affidavit no./ complaint id/ receipt no. within the ad text.
  • In the case of any event announcement please explain the details properly with the location of the event to receive a good response.
  • Mention proper address or phone no if required.

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